Angelina Mataliotaki Super Hot Greek Model

Angelina Mataliotaki appeared on the show as ola 11 as Themos partner and had stolen impressions as expected.

Angelina does not need special introduction the beautiful Peiraiotissa rightfully described as the Greek Angelina Jolie as she bears her name. Others believe that the more like Monica Bellucci. With whatever has similarities to Miss Mataliotaki however the school still hears that is fine since even the teachers were told to go to the pageant. Did not run. He wanted first to study Nutrition and then deal with the area making small and steady steps knowing the world in the first place and doing only what is axioprepestero.
The Mediterranean beauty and temperament of the explosive is strong evidence to discern.
In the past year has really come to work as a model. To remember the first time I photographed for the pages of NITRO a year ago. Since then many have followed the popular photography magazines

Percy decided to deal first with the television as the girl on the show Themos making ola 11 men to talk about her sexy appearances in television!